best waterfalls in Bali

If you are looking for the best waterfalls in Bali, then you are coming to the right article. Bali is home to scores of best waterfalls. Many of them are easily reachable through a hike or trudge through forests, along trails and among wildlife. Here we share just some of the best waterfalls in Bali, along with other jaw dropping sights on the island.


Sekumpul is a cluster of seven waterfalls located in the village of Sekumpul in an upland Buleleng regency. The waterfall is surrounded by a lush, green bamboo forest. Going down to the waterfall, you’ll go through dirt tracks, down hundreds of steps and cross over shallow streams. There are two available tracks for you to reach the waterfall. Firstly, a trek that leads you to a stopping point to cool down and catch your breath. Here while enjoying the view.

Another one is a forest and village trail that leads you down to the rock pool base of the falls. The trail includes traversing down more steps through a combination of rice paddies, durian, rambutan and coffee plantations. The breathtaking natural beauty here will seduce any nature lover, landscape photographer, and those with a knack for adventure. The falls are fed by two mountain streams and the main one. The one referred to as the Sekumpul Waterfall, is the most accessible of the collection of falls in the area. When thinking of the best waterfalls in Bali, Sekumpul often comes to mind. 


Gitgit is probably the first well-known waterfall in Bali. It is located in the plateau area with the height of about 45 metres. Gitgit is the first waterfall you’ll find upon entering the Gitgit Village in Buleleng regency from the south . The area was covered with dense tropical trees and some plantations protecting the rainforests around it. The route to this waterfall is a long downhill trek. From the parking area, take a 500 metre walk and along the way you can meet the island’s common plants such as coffee. With paddy fields on your left and a green canyon on your right your walk to the waterfall is invigorating. Here, you can do jumps from the cliffs  and swim in calm river waters.

Tukad Cepung

Located close to Ubud, Tukad Cepung lies in  Dusun Penida Kelod in Bangli. The waterfall well-guarded by the cliffs with several hundred steps down the cliff. It is worth the effort once you arrive at the destination. The circular cliffs give you the feeling of being in a cave. While the open sky right from where the waterfall emerges gives you the most enchanting view. Unlike any other waterfall in Bali, Tukad Cepung does not flow directly into a river, stream or lake. But, it flows gently down the cliffs. The source can be seen from up above and it can be viewed once you walk down the stairs and into the cliffs. 

Banyumala Twin Waterfall

Surrounded by highlands with high precipitation Sukasada has numerous waterfalls and wetlands where vegetables and fruits grow. One of the notable waterfalls is Banyumala Twin Waterfall which lies in the north of Lake Buyan. This is not easy to find a waterfall as you need to cross a small rural road. Close to Banyumala waterfall is Munduk waterfall and Git Git waterfall. Three of them are getting popular nowadays and keep in mind to bring your coat since it is getting rain sometimes. 

Manuaba Waterfall

The Manuaba Waterfall is located in Tegallalang, Ubud where we should go down through the stairs and wooden bridge. It has more than 10 meters tall and we’ll find the breeze that comes through the cliff and jungle. Also,you will pass several shrines along the track with Griya Sakti Manuaba temple becoming the most popular among the others near the main road. 

Aling-Aling Waterfall

Located in the northern regions of Bali, Aling-Aling Waterfall is found in Sambangan Village, Buleleng Regency. It is about 11 kilometres from the old northern capital of Singaraja. It is around 3 hours away from Denpasar. The waterfall is an oasis of unspoiled nature, one that will take your breath away and definitely one of the best waterfalls in Bali.  Adventure junkies will enjoy the opportunity to cliff jump into the plunge pools at Aling-Aling. From 5, 10 or 15 metres high, take a leap of faith to get the adrenaline going. Swims in the waterfalls basin is possible for those just looking for a quick dip in the fresh waters. 

When you arrive, you may be daunted by the path down to the waterfall. A tiring walk down hundreds of stone steps, about 400 metres down, is what separates you and Aling Aling. While the descent down is tiring, like Tukap Cepung, the scene that awaits for you is worth the effort. You’ll be greeted with a magnificent view of the towering falls, 35 metres high falling from a steep cliff. It is surrounded by lush greenery as well as rice fields.

The water that gushes from the falls are crystal clear and the surrounding air is cool and refreshing. If you look closely, you can see that the giant cascading huge flow of water separated into two adjacent falls. The fall on the right hand side falls with formidable speed and volume, creating a thunderous crash as the water meets the plunge pool. The rumble of the falling water adds life to the surrounding area. So, it is no wonder that Aling Aling is on the list of favourites amongst photographers.

Tegenungan Waterfall

In the tranquil, greater area of Ubud, nestles the equally calming Tegenungan Waterfall. Tegenungan is considered the closest natural attraction of its kind that you can reach within in 30-minute drive from Ubud. Thus, it is the most frequented waterfall in Bali. Reaching Tegenungan from Ubud center is a pleasant drive through main roads lined with coconut trees and green rice paddies. Upon entering the waterfall area, you’ll find a parking lot and ticket booth; this area is also filled with art and souvenir shops as well as small stalls selling snacks and cold drinks. From here, it only takes several minutes to walk down to the waterfall.

As you walk down the trail, you’ll be greeted by million dollar views of the green surrounding, with the cascading water as the centrepiece. The waterfall is framed by dense foliage and the volume of the water is splendid any time of year. Normally, the strongest during the wet season. You can go down to the pebbly base and enjoy a dip in the plunge pool. But, this is not advised after heavy downpours, due to the risk of flash floods.

Tibumana Waterfall

Tibumana waterfall is one of the must visit waterfalls for the explorers. Located in Bangli regency, it just an hour drive from Ubud. At the car park, you will find a tiny shack where you need to pay IDR 10K as contribution fee. You then need to follow a winding path with stairs for around 15 minutes until you arrive at the waterfall. The pathway is refreshingly beautiful. There are vines creeping down the cliffs and small, colourful butterflies flying around. The lush, green jungle is filled with the sweet chirping of birds. The air is crisp and clear surrounded by a sense of purity in all directions.

As you approach the waterfall, the rumbling sound it creates becomes more evident. At the same time you feel the place getting cooler and breezier. The waterfall is a single column in the dry season, while in the monsoon you will find twin columns of water cascading down. The waterfall creates an unrealistic prismatic formation of sun rays, giving the place a fairy tale like ambiance. The entire place is encased in a green fortress of green ferns which makes you feel that you have entered a secret world.

Because of the enclosure, there is a pond at the foot of the waterfall. The shades of the water are mesmerizing. Turquoise and sapphire are the shades of the chilled mountain water that will just take your breath away. The entire area is very photogenic. Everything lends an artistic beauty to the waterfall.

Campuhan Antapan Waterfall

Campuhan Antapan is a little bit of a challenging drive to get there, but once you’re there, it’s incredibly easy. A small path takes you from the entrance to this calm and serene waterfall within seconds. While not the biggest waterfall in Bali, it has its own charm. With its pool blocked off from the river beside it, you can easily soak in the water without worry. Therefore, you can even climb the waterfall a little bit and sit under the water. 

Leke Leke Waterfall

Leke Leke Waterfall is a gorgeous singular cascade miraculously falls between the meeting of two cliff faces making it appear as though it’s the entrance to a secret cave. With its entrance and surrounding amenities being well maintained and upgraded as compared to other hidden waterfalls around the island, here you get to enjoy the benefits of a tourist attraction with a lot less of a crowd.

Enjoying the cool waters and surrounding yourself with the peaceful sounds of the forest is the perfect way to start your morning. Moreover, you can also take a few goes on the swings near the entrance if you’re feeling like you want a little bit of an adrenaline rush. Or, sit in one of their bird nests. 

Kanto Lampo Waterfall

This waterfall has been considered as a blessing for locals as it attracts tourists and brings them an income. Legend also says that a cave appeared following the worshipping event. Today, the cave is used for meditation purposes but is also home to some bat.  The waterfall is rather accessible to all with a series of well-paved stairs leading down. But that’s not all, there is also a small Hindu temple shaped like a gazebo where locals come to pray. You will also notice several beautiful carvings on the rocks. Picture a clear river, a giant pile of rocks, fresh air  and the gentle flow of water piercing through them. All in perfect harmony.

Bandung Waterfall

Discovering this waterfall is an adventure in itself. And swim between two towering cliffs makes you feel even more secluded than you already are. This waterfall is located in Siangan Village, Gianyar Regency. The best way to enjoy it though is to experience river tubing through its rushing waters. The locals around Bandung Waterfall have done a fantastic job at keeping the surroundings clean. Photo spots, jump spots, and dangerous spots are all marked clearly. So, you can enjoy this gorgeous waterfall with ease of mind. 

Best waterfall in Bali

Sumampan Waterfall

This waterfall nestled in Tegenungan waterfall, Gianyar regency. Much more than just a waterfall, Sumampan Waterfall has three aspects to it. There’s the incredibly tall surge of water which flows into a series of pools that form a cascade of mini waterfalls before finally reaching the natural pond which you can swim in. Sit underneath one of the many mini falls and get yourself a peaceful water massage while resting your eyes a little. If you look closely at the stones, you’ll find some gorgeous engravings done by the locals as a form of art.

Sometimes  the current can be very strong, so be extra careful. The entrance fee is by donation, usually there are people there to collect money, but we’ve heard whispers from some people that you may get lucky and find it empty so you might not have to pay. To get to the waterfall you may have to swim across the river, so good shoes and a waterproof bag is highly recommended. It might also not be suitable for those traveling with young kids and elderlies.

Best waterfall in Bali

Pucak Manik Waterfall

Coffee, tangerine and clove plantations are what surround you in the highlands of North Bali and you should absolutely not miss visiting the area. While you’re at it, head over to this magnificent waterfall up in Buleleng. The trek down to the waterfall will have your inner explorer only thirst for more adventures like this one in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by lush greenery. But rest assured as the trail is an easy one.

Managed by the Wanagiri Tourism Awareness Group (Darwis), the natural attraction has been developed to be accessible to all. Once there, you will simply need to cross over a small bridge and walk on a slightly uphill path for about a hundred metres. What makes this natural gem peculiar is the fact that it consists of three waterfalls. While the smallest flow of water is located on the extreme left you will also find two other streams gushing out in the middle and to the right.

Best waterfall in Bali

Bunutin Waterfall

Finding the right coordinates to this place proved to be a challenge. Bunutin Waterfall is probably one of those places that only locals know about, it’s tucked away in Bunutin village, Bangli Regency and will definitely require you to ask around for its exact location. It’s soothing to find chilly weathers and the low temperatures up in Kintamani will refresh you and as you come across the gushing beauty, you’ll find yourself itching to throw yourself in the shallow pool underneath the falls and just lay there soaking in the refreshing vibes. 

Best waterfall in Bali

Munduk and Melanting Waterfalls 

It’s a two-for-one deal on waterfalls in Munduk. A short 300-metre walk from the main road will bring you to an incredible sight, with roaring water gushing down continuously that you’ll forget about all your worries in front of Munduk Waterfall. Spend some time relaxing on some rocks. Once you’ve had your fill of Munduk waterfall, start your trek north to yet another beautiful water feature Melanting Waterfalls. Still a very well kept secret, most people have yet to venture to this beauty, and in all likelihood, you’ll be staring up at the mist in solitude. I highly suggest doing these two waterfalls without a tour, as you’ll be able to spend as much time as you want there and come as early as you want. 

Best waterfall in Bali

Nungnung Waterfall

The exotic Nungnung waterfall covered by lush greenery jungle and from the parking area we need to walk for about 30 minutes, go down and up from hundreds of stairs, before finally arrived. The bird’s song comes along with the sounds of the beetle and the roam of the water as we start to walk.

If we are lucky enough and the sun rises steadily, we can see the rainbow on the top of the cliff. Nungnung waterfall has a one way water flow and is about more than 50 meters tall. Basically, this waterfall comes from the water source in a mountainous area nearby.

Best waterfall in Bali

Golden Valley Waterfall

Who would have thought that a warm comforting cup of coffee and the soothing sight of a waterfall would go so well together? Well, see it for yourself and head over to this waterfall in Singaraja City. only 15 minutes away from Munduk Waterfall and 70 kilometres away from Denpasar or approximately 1 hour 40 minutes’ drive. Go on a little adventure through the valley to discover this hidden waterfall. The cool mountain air and spectacular scenery makes the walk enjoyable.

Once you’re there, check out the little bamboo stall and settle down for a cup of coffee. Not to rave about it but the coffee there is deemed to be surprisingly good! Probably because  it is freshly brewed from their own plantations. The waterfall is set on a private plot of land so you can expect better cleanliness too. Plunge in the natural pool under the 15-metre-high waterfall. Nothing quite compares to the refreshing scent of the nearby coffee plantations while you enjoy a relaxing swim amidst the lush jungle. 

Best waterfall in Bali

Pengempu Waterfall 

Pengempu Waterfall is one of Bali’s latest and most accessible tourist attractions. When you arrive, a series of well-maintained stairs will lead you to a beautiful 20-metre-high waterfall, time to sooth your body, mind and soul.  Following your non-vigorous walk down to the waterfall, find yourself a spot atop the big rocks or by the river bank to sit back and relax. If you seek a little more adventure, do not miss on exploring the secret 30-metre-deep cave (located near the parking lot). Be warned as it gets really dark inside. But not to worry, they provide some flashlights on-site. 

Best waterfall in Bali

Bhuana Sari Waterfall

The waterfall is considered as a hidden oasis and only real adventurers tread this deep to explore an untouched gem. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali. Unknown to many, untouched and thus spectacular. With a 2.5-hour drive from Denpasar and located in a secluded area, this waterfall flies under the radar. However, it is not a force to be reckoned with as its beauty is second to none. After trekking for 20 minutes, you get to relish on a picturesque gush of water pouring down. Bhuana Sari is actually the second set of the Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfall; both offer magical experiences. Watch it burst out of the rocks and cascade soothingly into a creek. Awaken all of your senses and listen to the soothing flow of water and birds chirping in the background. 

Best waterfall in Bali

Musi Waterfall

Located in Musi village, Gerokgak, this waterfall is a refreshing escape for those searching for an authentic experience in a simple Balinese village. There, you’ll discover its secret – a cliff area where a waterfall crashes powerfully into a natural pool. As this waterfall is very hidden, the best way to reach this place is to ask the local villagers for directions when you reach Musi Village. It’s a great opportunity to interact with the locals too. At sunset, you can take a walk in the village, hunt for the scattered Hindu temples and observe the simple daily life of the villagers.

Must Visit Best waterfall in Bali

Peguyangan Waterfall 

Peguyangan Waterfall on Nusa Penida isn’t a towering vertical torrent of water like the jungle falls in central Bali. Instead, it’s a series of short, cascading spring fountains that eventually make their way over a steep ravine and into the sea. Away from the ravine, the cascades make a great place for all to enjoy a ‘natural spa’, and a massage from the fast flowing waters as they burble over the shallow ledges and pools. Reaching the springs involves a descent down narrow stairs against the wall of the ravine. After some 460 steps, the gorgeous sight of the cascades is both exhilarating and relieving. 

Best waterfall in Bali

Blemantung Waterfall

Hidden away in the Tabanan region of Bali, Blemantung Waterfall or Blahmantung waterfall is a gorgeous green sight, enjoyed by only a small number of dedicated travellers. Tucked among the region’s many coffee plantations, Blemantung Waterfall is 50 metres high and is the perfect place to soak in the water and take in the fresh air of the rainforest. If you pay close attention, you may even detect a faint coffee fragrance in the air. 

Best waterfall in Bali

Jembong Waterfall

Locally, Jembong Waterfall is known as one of the best waterfalls in Bali. But it is in fact rarely visited due to its proximity to the famous Git Git falls. And that may actually be a blessing in disguise Jembong offers stunning unspoiled beauty. Although the falls aren’t very high, its gentle slope and regular water flow makes it ideal for soaking in to enjoy the beautiful green jungle surroundings, and for spiritual healing.

Best waterfall in Singaraja

Yeh Mampeh Waterfall

This is our final list of best waterfall in Bali. Away from the overcrowded tourist centres of Kuta and Ubud, there is a small village called Les, wherein lies a beautiful waterfall. This beauty, Yeh Mampeh Waterfall which means ‘flying water’ in Balinese is a virtually untouched one nestled in serene surroundings, and it is also one of Bali’s tallest waterfalls. You can hike down the falls and visit the nearby caves, or just simply bathe under the gentle flow of the water.

Best waterfall in Tabanan

Above are all of our list of best waterfall in Bali. Visit these websites to learn more about the enchanting beauty of Bali here, here and Balinese culture here

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